Women With Hair-Loss Can Now Know the Top Six Reasons Why

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Hair loss is a very common problem which has recently been undergone by a lot of women. Men are no longer considered to be the only ones who have to encounter that physical change. Let us inform women with hair loss what the six top reasons for women's hair are. Included, you will find some advice on how to deal with this unpleasant situation.

Stress – Stress and even excitation can have a great impact on your hair's condition. Of course, the process does not happen for a day or two. In fact, it usually takes between three and four stressful months which can cause you lose your hair. The best cure for that is you have at least two weeks in which you can indulge yourself and think of nothing else except for you and your comfort. It would also be a good idea if you took vitamin E and Calcium or used vitamin E enriched shampoo.

Problems with the thyroid gland – The thyroid gland is a regulator of hormones in your body. So if you have problems with that gland, you also have problems with the hormones. And their disproportation in your body is often a reason for problems such losing hair or hairs on unusual places.

Pregnancy-throughout this period all women's hair looks fabulous. They owe that to the estrogen which is then in much greater quantity in their body. However, after the pregnancy the estrogen's level decreases too fast and that may result in some loss of hair. If you want to avoid that, it is a good idea that you eat food such as cheese, spinach, milk etc.

Menopause- during menopause the level of female hormones decreases and the level of the male type hormones increases. That sudden physical and hormonal change in combination with the stress may cause loss of hair. The hair usually starts growing again in some months without taking any medicine.

Male hormones- some women just have male hormones and nobody knows why this is that way. It is proven that the hormone testosterone is a serious factor for the hair loss of men as well as women. However, women do not need to worry about losing all their hair because they can never have as much
testosterone as men.

Auto-aggression – this is a new term and looks to be a serious factor for women's hair loss. The organism tends to take the hair as a foreign body and starts producing cells against it. The only thing a woman can do is consulting a doctor and get personal advice because this is something too individual and
a recipe can not be given.

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