What Kinds of Shampoo Regrow Hair?

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It's evident that in order to keep your hair and scalp clean, you must use some type of shampoo. If you are losing your hair, then it's even more important that you use the right one in order to maintain your hair and grow more of it.

A lot of folks are wondering what kinds of shampoo work best for those suffering from hair loss. While there is not one particular brand that far outweights all others, there are some different types that you need to use that will produce great results for you.

Before we examine the main type of shampoo you need, you need to be aware of one important factor. Over 90% of commercial shampoo you will find in stores contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate. Just what is this?

It's a degreasing chemical agent that's placed in shampoo to help remove the dirt and oils that build up on your scalp and in your hair. It works really great, but with continued use it will eventually strip your hair out. You do not want this to happen.

This leads us to the types of products you must use in order to safely remove dirt and oil and regrow your hair effectively. Some of the best types of shampoo for those losing their hair are herbal shampoos that contain green tea, saw palmetto, tea tree oil, and even saw palmetto extract.

Do a search around the web and you will find various brands that contain all of these great hair-growing herbs.

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