Using Home Remedies to Treat and Prevent Acne

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You can easily use home remedies to effectively treat that acne and theby prevent it from appearing again. Under normal circumstances, it is as a result of hormonal changes that everyone has to tackle at certain points in his or her life. For those who have oily skin especially, their rate of being infected with acnes is high raising the importance of these home remedies to treat and prevent acne.

One of the best remedies to prevent acne is to develop the habit if eating a better diet. In order to prevent the development of acne you need to reduce the intake of foods that contain ingredients like caffeine, sodas and saturated fats. You will have to start the consumption of high amounts of fruits and vegetables. These should specifically contain Vitamin A and antioxidants. These will go a long way to enhance the growth of the skin and limit the probability of getting acne. Make sure you also take a lot of water as this will flush out any harmful toxins in the body which could harm the skin. Get some more fish into your diet including more of omega-3. It will help to prevent acne.

In treating the acne and preventing it from coming back, use baking soda which works very well. Usually people use this in their normal cleaning at home but it could also be used to eradicate pimples and even possible acne scars. What this does effectively is to get rid of the acne. You can make a paste of this by using lemon juice or water which is good for the skin. After applying the mixture on your face leave for about two minutes then rinse and dry your face.

Another option you could use to treat and prevent acne is to use honey which is a good source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is very essential for proper skin development. The honey is an anti-bacterium substance and provides a natural anti-aging effect on the skin. It is a natural skin healer and can heal all kinds of cuts and wounds to the skin. You could mix together ingredients like Vitamin E oil, lemon juice and the honey and then apply the whole mixture on your face leaving it for about ten minutes. Thereafter rinse with warm water and do as each and every day for a pleasurable skin.

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