How to Treat Hair Loss

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Discover How to Stop Hair Loss – Grow More Hair

How-to-Treat-Hair-Loss How to Treat Hair Loss In one of my posts, I revealed that plugged hair follicles are among the main conditions that start hair thinning and baldness. The other condition is inadequate blood flow in the scalp. Then your hair follicles do not get enough nutrients to support the life and strength of your hair in the follicle, if you don’t have sufficient blood circulating on your scalp.

The place to get circulation is at the top of your scalp. It’s the point that is furthest away from your heart. It is. Your head’s sides are stimulated as you move and sleep your head around the pillow. That is 1 reason why most people have hair on the sides of the head while the top is totally bald.

So what the ways you can increase blood circulation to the top of your head?

Here are two ways to do it:

  • Use scalp blood circulation and body to boost
  • Use body and scalp blood circulation to increase

There are lots of herbs that provide increase circulation. Two standby remedies that are good are cayenne pepper and ginkgo biloba.

Use Cayenne pepper in the formula made of Heart Foods Company

This Cayenne reinforces it being given the capacity to pump blood by the heart. There are two herbal formulations which have recently come out to offer increase circulation – vital mobile and Arjuna.

It is a highly effective remedy that helps too. This generates pathways to go where it once went and where it is needed.

Arjuna is another herb that comes from a different country – India. It’s now available in the US. Arjuna is the newest herb to be vulnerable as great for preventing and reducing atherosclerosis. By decreasing narrowing of the arteries in the head, strokes can be prevented and there is a side benefit the scalp get more blood.

Use Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy

I have talked about this natural way of bringing blood. Run warm water over your head for 20 minutes, then turn off the water and let the cold water to run over your head.

Do this hot-cold water technique three-four times and finish with the cold water. This technique allows blood to move in and out of your scalp’s layers giving you a blood massage and providing more nutrients to your hair follicles. You are bringing in more blood to your mind giving you more brain power as long as use this technique.

Use herbs to boost your blood circulation to your scalp and use hot-cold water your scalp. You will find hair loss, using this method and you might start to see some hair growth.

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