Tips to Prevent Adult Acne

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Acne can strike anyone even way past addiction. Acne is no laughing matter as it can really affect your very well-being and even leads to depression if left untreated. So, do not take it lightly or try to brush off the matter. Acne is really cruel but fear not, if you're more attentive to your diet, habits and skincare routine, it can be contained. Over time, acne would be nothing but history. Here are some tips for you to follow to beat adult acne at its own heartless game:

Tip # 1: Always use non-comedogenic skincare and makeup

Learn to read your labels and check out the ingredients of your products. If one of its top 5 ingredients are pore-clogging, discontinue use immediately; no matter how much you like that product – that is if you're really ready to blemishes. The top 5 ingredients are usually present with the most amount in the product. However, any pore-clogging ingredients around the end of the list of ingredients are present in minute amounts, mostly negligible.

Also remember, even your hair products could actually cause acne. Do check out the ingredients in your sunscreen and just about anything that you use on your face. When you're having a breakout, try to reduce as many products you use on your face as possible to avoid any reactions between products. Keep to a minimal and simple skincare routine.

Your acne could probably be the cause of a skin reaction / allergy to certain ingredients in your product.

Do you wear makeup when you hit the gym? Well, if you do, you're upping your chances for clogged pores, especially when you're doing heavy exercises and sweating alot. Therefore, when hitting the gym try to use as little makeup or best, none at all.

Tip # 2: Hands-off Policy

Try not to rest your face on your hands, you may be transferring bacteria from your hands to your face unknowingly. Also, wipe the surface of your mobile after use. Sometimes, you will find that your acne is flourishing in areas that are in contact with most your hands or your mobile, or even where your hair rests. Just gotta take note of how your acne patterns are like and you can learn to break the pattern.

Do not squeeze or pick at your acne. You're most definitely transfering more bacteria deeper down your skin. That's very bad news as there will be more inflammation and possibly even scarring. You will find that those acne that you let alone without any squeezing always heals faster than those you've squeezed.

Tip # 3: Do not let sweat stick around for long

Rinse off as soon as possible after a heavy work out. Physical activity heats up the body, causing perspiration to mix with surface skin oils. Together, they trap substations in your pores. If you can not afford a quick rinse, then towel off the sweat and change into fresh clothes as quickly as possible. Sweaty, tight-fitting clothes are even worse. They usually result in bacne or other acne on your body parts.

If possible, you should avoid wearing tight headbands or hats that rub against your skin. If you wear a helmet or any other safety gear with straps, be sure to wash the straps frequently to reduce bacteria.

Tip # 4: Do not overwash your face or use harsh scrubs

A common myth that acne is caused by bad hygiene should be booted out immediately. Acne is not caused by a dirty face. Therefore, violent face washing does not help and instead will cause more trouble. When you overwash your face, you're stripping off natural oils from the skin and this forces your skin to produce excess oil and sebum which will increase your chances of clogged pores.

Instead, stick to a simple skincare routine of washing with lukewarm water with a mild cleanser that targets blemished skin, and then a light toner for blemished skin and follow up with a mild non-oil based moisturizer. Also, pat dry face instead of rubbing your face dry. You would not want to provoke those inflammations further. Gentle is the key

Skip the exfoliants and other face scrubs. Your skin is volatile and inflammed, you do not need to provoke it further. It may prolong and increase your inflammations. Just stick to a normal skincare routine and it's suffix

Tip # 5: Do not stress out

Stress actually stimulates the over production of the hormones, cortisol, which leads to over-production of oil in your sebaceous glands. Too much sebum leads to more blemishes. Therefore, you have to try to limit stress in your life as much as possible

Try to exercise the stress away or I listen to music as often as you can. Meet up with close friends and have some kind of communication with people you are comfortable with, does wonders to reduce stress

If not, get a good massage, indulge in a bubble bath and then have a good night's sleep. Sleeping well really helps to rejuvenate the skin and aids in skin cells turnover.

These tips sound simple but they actually do make a difference to your acne's condition. Try to incorporate these healthy habits little by little and you will see the difference. Try to adopt these acne tips and wait for about a month or two to see results. If your acne gets worse or does not show any signs of improvement, seek professional help.

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