Thinning Hair Shampoos – The Best Thinning Hair Shampoos Compared

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In this article I'm going to talk about thinning hair shampoos. If you are looking to treat your hair, it can get to be a pretty confusing process. The hair loss industry is a $ 3.5 billion dollar a year business in which there is an array of products all offering the same promises. Yet the ironic part is, most hair loss products do not give the sort of results they advertise, especially the shampoos.

The important thing to understand is that there is not one product that is standard for everyone to use. Certain products will help certain people better since we all have different types of bodies. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular thinning hair shampoos and reviews of how effective they are.

ProFolica Shampoo – If you go on any forums and review sites on hair loss shampoos, often you'll find that ProFollica is ranked as one of the top products. These rankings are usually based off customer feedback, quality, and price. The shampoo helps to add texture to your hair, reduce dryness, and help to treat your hair loss. I like ProFollica because on top of the shampoo, they'll also include a nutritional supplement that gives your body certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs to maintain healthy hair. ProFollica also comes with an activator gel that is used to help stimulate new hair growth. So all in all, ProFollica looks like a pretty solid program to help treat your thinning hair.

Nizoral Shampoo – Nizoral another type of shampoo you'll hear a lot about if you do any sort of research on hair loss products. The funny thing with Nizoral is its intended to be used for dandruff. However, one of the unintended effects is its ability to stop hair loss.

From the feedback I've read, it looks like it works pretty well. The only complaint I read about Nizoral is that since its intended for dandruff, you can only use the shampoo one or twice a week, since you may risk experiencing inflammation if you use it more. For these reasons, Nizoral may or may not show you the sort of results you are looking for.

Important Points In Thinning Hair Shampoos: Although the product above may play a role in helping to treat your hair, they are not the best option you can go with. I would suggest looking into using a solid DHT blocker alongside Minoxidil.

You want to block your DHT because the chemical is the main reason your hair follicles have stopped their growth. Saw Palmetto is one of the best herbs you can use to help inhibit DHT. As far as Minoxidil, you need to use this to help stimulate new hair growth, since its the only FDA approved ingredient that has been clinically proven to do so.

I suggest looking into a solution called Provillus because its one of the most effective products that combines both a DHT blocker and Minoxidil in the same product. From the user feedback I've read on Provillus, most were really pleased with the sort of results they saw. For this reason, Provillus may be the best thinning hair shampoo you can go with to help treat your hair loss.

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