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Itchy-Scalp-and-Hair-Loss-Naturally The Best Hair Loss Shampoo

Go into any supermarket or departmental store and you will find a whole range of shampoos that promise to stop hair loss. How effective are these shampoos is the question? While some of the shampoos certainly help to reduce hair fall, we need to first find out what causes your particular hair loss problem before you can choose a hair loss shampoo.

Alopecia is the medical term used to refer to all kinds of hair loss irrespective of the cause. The most common type of baldness is androgenetic alopecia or genetic hair loss; it causes male pattern baldness as well as female pattern baldness.

Environmental, nutritional and medical factors can also cause hair loss. Excessive pollution, poor diet with lack of zinc, folic acid and vital vitamins can lead to you losing your hair, dandruff and flaking. Strong medicines, surgery, trauma, childbirth and stress can all cause baldness.

There are many medicated shampoos, herbal shampoos and natural shampoos available on the market. You need to choose the one that is best suited to your baldness problem.

Henna is a natural herb and has been used traditionally for years to maintain healthy hair. Aloe vera is yet another traditional herb that has been in use since ancient times to cleanse and heal the scalp and prevent you losing your hair. It has been popular with Native Americans, Indians and the Caribbean.

There are a huge variety of shampoos which claim to effectively combat baldness and thinning. These shampoos cleanse, nourish and condition hair to make it healthy and shining.

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