Shampoo For Hair Loss – Does it Matter?

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Hair loss is a natural but undesirable process for most of us. Many natural processes are undesirable, like deteriorating vision, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, and yes, even death. Although we can’t entirely stop many of these, we can slow them down and in some cases even reverse them! Baldness is one of these.

We’ve probably all had friends who got their hair back. Some of them slowly grew hair back through a combination of relatively natural techniques like reducing stress, eating well, taking a good multivitamin, perhaps using herbs, and absolutely through using an appropriate shampoo for hair loss. You want a gentle and as natural a shampoo as possible as a harsh or chemical laden shampoo can speed up your hair loss. Many claim that the right shampoo will help your hair to start regrowing and there is plenty of supporting evidence, including testimonials and of course that many of these shampoos include substances like hair regrowth herbs and others that have been used for centuries.

Let’s be honest. Most people do not look good bald. A few like Telly Savalas, better known as Kojak from his popular TV show, and Uncle Fester on The Addams family may look good, but do you want to look like Fester? Do you want to look 10 or more years older, or shave your head (despite its popularity) to hide your true hair loss. Bald men do not look as virile.

What should you look for in a shampoo to help stave off or reverse your creeping baldness? Natural and organic are the keywords as thee substances are far less harsh than artificial chemicals. Here are a few substances good and appropriate shampoos may include:

Aloe Vera is a natural anti inflammatory and antibacterial that helps protect your hair. Panthenol, from rice husks, is a B vitamin that moisturizes and helps damaged hair with repairs. The herb jojoba can help reduce follicle blockages. Lavender soothes your scalp. Rosemary can stimulate hair follicles. Chamomile strengthens the hair and makes it shine. Wheat and Soy protein perform a multitude of functions including providing volume to make your hair fuller.

Will shampoo alone bring back your hair? If you are totally bald and have been so forever, of course not, although it can prevent you from losing more hair and may bring some back. If your hair loss is less significant then it can make much more of a difference for sure.

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