How an Itchy Inflammatory Scalp Can Lead to Hair Loss

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Scalp Inflammation – How an Itchy Inflammatory Scalp Can Lead to Hair Loss

So what is a scalp inflammation? A scalp infection is a chronic problem of the scalp that is quite impossible to ignore due to the hellish discomfort it brings with it. Inflammation of the scalp has many vivid symptoms that are very easy to identify and can not be suppressed. If you suffer from excessive scalp tenderness, redness on the scalp, psoriasis, scaling, extreme itchiness and/or series of scalp bumps/pimples, you are showing symptoms of a severe scalp infection. This type of condition usually occurs when there’s an underlying problem.

The cause of a scalp infection could be several things ranging from hygienic neuligence, diet, stress, internal hormonal imbalances or a bacterial / fungal infection.

A scalp infection can be best described as a kind of scalp condition characterized by severe itching, redness and scalp pimples, oily scalp, excessive flaking, crusting and even bleeding. Scalp Inflammation occurs when one small issue, such as one or two bumps (also known as pimples) on the scale, multiplies and becomes intense to the point where the discomfort it causes rises to a highly intolerable degree.

It is important to note, however, that scalp infection does not just occur out of the blue, except in situations where its causes can be directly linked to the use of harsh hair products. If harsh hair products are ruled out as the culprits of a scalp infection, this usually indicates a more serious problem that needs immediate attention and that must be addressed with the correct medicinal remedy.

The fact that you might see some redness on your scalp should always be an alert that tells you a huge problem is developing and is about to break out. Like many other scalp problems, scalp infection can unduly lead to hair loss. But before you start to panic about your particular scalp infection problem, know that hair loss only happens in cases where the person suffering from the inflammatory condition is unable to find an actual cure within a set period of time (usually a couple of months).

You see, the longer it takes to find a cure for an inflammation of the scalp, the more time the infection will have to mature and develop into stronger drug-resistant conditions. When that happens, it’ll incur an extremely irritable feeling on your scalp that will make it impossible to resist having to scratch your head.

When you start scratching an inflated scalp on a regular basis, you’ll cause more damage to it that will create tears/bruises on your scalp. This will in turn make your hair follicles open to get easily infected. If this process continues and is not quickly stopped within the first couple of months that it started, your scalp will become weakened. A weakened, infected and inflamed scalp leads to hair loss. Not only that, it also leads to lots of wasted visits to the doctor’s office and hundreds of dollars ($ 850 +) down the drain!

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