Prevent Acne With A Two Part Treatment

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How do you prevent acne? It's a question asked between people all the time and for good reason. If there's one thing that can make or break your physical attractiveness it's your skin condition. In survey after survey the one things everyone agree on is having a complexion problem makes you unattractive. Other factors like hair, weight, height all have some followers. Some people are attracted to others that normally would have considered too heavy or too skinny, but with acne there is not anyone that finds it attractive.

Perhaps you do not suffer from acne all the time but it seems to flare up at the worst possible moment. Maybe you are going on a date and you break out the day before. Maybe you have an important business meeting or job interview and your face starts to flare up with pimples. Maybe it happens before an important social gathering or family reunion. Or it could be as basic as breaking out right before the weekend when you want to go out and enjoy yourself.

If you've been using creams and lotions to fight acne you are probably disappointed that they do not do more to prevent acne in the first place. It's hard for acne creams and lotions to prevent it since it starts below the surface of the skin. Creams and lotions have a hard time penetrating down far enough. A better way to prevent acne is using a hybrid acne fighting system that has a cream or lotion in conjunction with an oral acne treatment in the form of pills or tablets. These pills fight the acne from the inside while the acne cream fights it from the outside.

By using a method that combines both internal and external methods to fight acne you stand a much better chance of preventing it in the first place and end the frustration of constantly trying to get rid of the acne spots popping up around your face. It's better and easier to prevent it than to fight it.

When choosing a product that combines internal and external acne treatments keep in mind some common sense advice. Naturally, look for a product that comes with a money back guarantee. Some acne treatments have so much faith that you will clear up your skin by using their products they offer free trials so you can give it a try without any commitment on your part. Lastly make sure you can contact the company easily from their website. Most should have email and phone support so you can reach them easily if you have any problems or concerns.

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