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Tips-to-Prevent-Acne Prevent Acne Scars Prevent Acne Scars

If you have acne now than there is a chance that you will get acne scars in the future. Unfortunately this is just the way it goes I’m afraid but fear not as there are some things that you can do now to help prevent these pesky little reminders of acne and here are a few that will really help.

Firstly, you should never squeeze, touch, pick or pop your pimples. I know how difficult it is because there is something quite therapeutic about dispatching a pimple because of the release of pressure from the skin. However, it is exactly this release of pressure than means the sudden reduction of substance in the skin shocks it into healing mode. This need for rapid healing will lead to a reduction of collagen in the skin and acne scarring will form. These are known as depression acne scars.

Secondly, you should drink plenty of water. And by plenty I mean at least 8 glasses a day. Drinking water has so many health benefits beyond preventing acne scarring but by doing so you will keep your skin hydrated and healthy which means that it will heal better and reduce the chance of an acne scar. This will also help your skin to fight acne so your symptoms will be reduced (also reducing the chance of an acne scar)

Thirdly, get a good acne treatment that will lessen your symptoms. Some of the best treatment contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce the appearance of acne symptoms and their impact on the skin which means that there is less chance of acne scarring.

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