Permanent Hair Removal At Home – What Actually Works?

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What could be more appealing than permanent hair removal at home for those looking to get rid of body hair conveniently and forever? Dealing with body hair is something that must be done if you want to look and feel your best. Feeling attractive definitely goes hand in hand with having less body hair, especially in the western world.

For some women, facial hair is a problem just as for some men, removal of chest or back hair is a frequent requirement. Whatever your needs, the most important question for permanent hair removal at home is what actually works? Quite often what works well in a professional setting does not always work as well at home.

While there is lots of information on the various array of hair removal methods and systems available, the ways and means of permanently removing hair are limited. A lot of methods can permanently reduce hair growth over time as opposed to removing hair follicles once permanently. Once you are aware of the difference and know what to expect from whatever method you choose, you will not be under any illusions as to the results you can obtain.

To get rid of hair permanently, it is necessary to inhibit or destroy hair growth in some way and the most well-known and accepted method of doing this is electrolysis. A fine needle or probe is inserted into the hair follicle where, by the use of heat or chemicals, the follicle is destroyed. The individual hair is then removed. As you can imagine, this can be quite a time-consuming task and a certain level of skill is required by the therapist. It is also a much more suitable method for treating facial hair rather than treating larger areas.

There are a range of electrolysis kits targeting those who wish for permanent hair removal at home though most of them are not that effective for permanently removing hair since they do not have the probe necessary to kill the hair follicle. There are a couple out there that do work but are you dedicated enough to see the process through? It takes a lot of time and patience, can be a bit painful and cause scarring if not done correctly.

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