Stop Hair Loss, Block DHT and Prevent Alopecia

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Natural Hair Loss Shampoo – Stop Hair Loss, Block DHT and Prevent Alopecia

The leading cause of hair loss a chemical called di-hydrotestosterone (DHT). This chemical is derived from testosterone via a 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. Only recently has DHT come in focus as a way to stop early baldness and developments from drug companies has led to finasteride known as the blockbuster prescription drug Propecia. New technology and extraction techniques and breakthrough research studies have allowed for a new approach to stopping DHT and androgenic alopecia.

DHT shampoos are developed specifically to address alopecia & thinning by naturally blocking DHT. The patent pending combination of natural and botanical extracts have been shown to increase circulation, topical nutrition, and block DHT conversion.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is created by the conversion of 5 alpha reductase enzymes from testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone restricts blood flow & nutrition delivery to the hair follicles, which can lead to atrophy and reduced hair density, leading to thinner hair, increased hair shedding, or male pattern baldness.

DHT Shampoos can provide a quantity of specific benefits for those losing their hair or who are experiencing balding or pre-mature loss.

  • Blocks & neutralizes testosterone conversion
  • Stimulates growth & follicle development
  • Regulates over-active sebaceous glands (oils)
  • Slows, stops, or reverses balding, thinning, shedding

Temporary alopecia, “Diffuse”, results from several factors. While heredity is at the top of the list, stress, medication, & chemical treatments & harsh hair products can slow hair growth & restrict circulation. Poor scalp circulation reduces nutrition levels that promote & maintain healthy growth. Additionally, excessive oil, dirt, & product build-up can clog follicle pores harboring infection, reducing follicle respiration, & accelerating scalp & hair problems – scalp psoriasis, alopecia, & dermatitis.

DHT Shampoos typically include anti-oxidant enriched bioflavonoids for regulating & controlling sebum (scalp oil), DHT. Excessive sebum can trap bacteria leading to shedding, hair fall & alopecia (loss).

Zenagen Natural Hair Loss Shampoo is the best solution to stopping alopecia, and reducing DHT naturally. The shampoo that helps prevent male pattern baldness naturally and combines botanical extracts for powerful and effective defense against hair loss & stimulate natural growth.

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