Homemade Mole Removers That Save You Money

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There are a lot of mole removers on the market and some are better than others. The problem with over-the-counter mole removers or creams and ointments that you find is the cost.

Of course, the cost of over-the-counter ointments and creams are still lower than the most costly mole removal methods such as surgery or laser treatment; however, there is a cheaper alternative and that is to use your own ingredients to make home made mole removers. I think you will be pleased with the results as well as the extra cash in your pocket.

Home Made Mole Removers Advantages

Home natural remedies fall under the umbrella of alternative medicine. These herbs, supplements, and natural ingredients have been utilized for centuries to heal everything that ails.

Most remedies are passed down from generation to generation but with the introduction of a hectic lifestyle, especially in Western or developed countries, these natural cures get lost. Often times, busy people look for the quick fix. With natural cures, a "quick fix" is not always the reality, and this can be true for natural mole removers.

Having said that, the last decade has seen a resurgence in the use of Alternative care. It is estimated that 38% of the United States population use some type of natural cure or Alternative Medicine. This percentage is much greater worldwide.

Why the boost in popularity? More and more people are growing tired of the high costs of solving medical issues. Take mole removers for instance, the cost of surgical removal can easily run over $ 400 per mole. The same mole can be removed using home made mole removers for less than $ 10.

This cost savings holds up even when looking at over-the-counter mole treatments. In the past years there has been a heightened interest in removing moles yourself. This increase in interest has sparked an onslaught of non-prescription mole removers.

Some of these cures can be effective; however, equal results can be obtained by mixing a few ingredients and concocting your own at-home mole remedy.

Mole Removers for Home Use

Mole eliminating remedies generally use a combination of ingredients that are applied to the mole repeatedly for a period of time. A mole forms due to a concentration of dark pigment. This pigment is called melanin and it is produced by special cells in your skin called melanocytes.

Typically melanin distributes evenly through your skin giving you a consistent skin color. However, in some people, the melanin will gather in small round clusters, which forms a mole.

The mixture of ingredients in home made mole remedies Slowly cause the cells of the mole to fade and die and therefore removes the mole from your skin.

Disadvantages to Home Made Mole Removers

Even though natural remedies are growing in use, there remains one main drawback and that is that home remedies require the user's patience. Because the mole is not being cut away, it must be given ample time to deteriorate.

A complaint of alternative medicine is that results do not always come quickly. This is difficult for many, especially those living in the high-paced Western cultures. You may not see a large change until the first week if your mole is large or raised. You will need to continue daily application of your home remedy.

While this may make you question the use of home remedies, you must also consider that the faster a mole is removed from your skin, the greater the likelihood of a scar being left behind.

Surgical removal of a mole can involve scrapping of layers of pigment and this can result in a scar. If a mole requires stitches after removal, a scar is very difficult to avoid.

With the slower more consistent application of home made remedies, you are less likely to cause damage to the skin and less likely to be left with a scar.

Home Made Mole Removers – Conclusion

There are many advantages to using home made remedies before spending the money on more expensive over-the-counter mole treatments that contain very similar active ingredients. It is also advantageous to use home remedies over expensive surgical removal that can carry the risk of scarring.

However, you must not jump into mole removers without a word of caution. Not all moles are right for home removal and it is always the right idea to have your mole looked at by a medical professional familiar with skin conditions to evaluate the mole for possible skin cancer signs.

You must become an informed consumer and learn how to properly apply natural remedies. In many cases, you will need to properly prepare your mole before applying the natural remedy so the cells of the mole are exposed and not blocked by the surface of the skin.

With the low cost of home made mole removers as well as the years of results that natural remedies, alternative medicine, and holistic cures have enjoyed, it is easy to see why this branch of health care is growing so rapidly.

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