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OK so most of you do not know this but my dad is completely bald, and my brother who is 35 is starting to lose his hair and has been freaking out about him so I sat down with him and did a little research and this is what we found.

I am sure by now you have heard many things about hair loss. Like wearing a hat can cause hair loss, this by the way is an urban myth. Hair loss has nothing to do with hats or any other type of head gear.

If you are losing you hair chances are it's because of genetics, keep in mind that severe fatigue, stress, lack of exercise and certain chemicals can also cause hair loss, or if you are losing hair, to cause hair loss to accelerate. One good thing is that it is easy to treat thinning hair. Remember always see your dermatologist about your thinning hair if you have a skin condition that is causing hair loss they can help you.

You can notice thinning hair as early as your teenage years but most people notice it in there late 20's to early 50's. A great number of both men and women suffer from this dissorder.

There are several non surgical treatment options for thinning hair. Nioxin hair products work for both men and women and can be found at some salons or online. Hair growth vitamins also work well; they give the hair the nutrients it needs to start new and faster growth. Once you start using these products you will need to continue to use them, if you stop you hair will probably start thinning again.

Try not to use harsh chemicals or products on thinning hair as they can aid in hair loss or breakage. We found Nioxin System 1 products for my brother to use and they seem to be working quite well, it has only been 6 months and we can notice a huge difference. Also try to stay away from artificial fixes like hair plugs, they are expensive and look terrible. Below is a link to a review for Nioxin System 1 This is where we found the products for my brother.

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