Hair Loss Vitamins – Bad For Your Health?

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The good thing about most hair loss vitamins is that they contain ingredients that your hair really needs.

These vitamins include:

Vitamin B

Para-aminobenzoic acid


Niacin (vitamin B-3)

Panthenol (vitamin B-5)


Vitamin B6 and 12

Many of these vitamins help your hair grow and be strong and healthy. Some of them like Para-amino benzoic acid may even prevent your hair from becoming grey.

The problem is that if your hair follicles are already destroyed I don’t believe that any of these vitamins can cure that. They may help with hair that is still on your head be healthy and grow faster and stronger but may not lead to new hair growing from dead hair follicles.

Some things that can lead to hair loss is your poor diet and stress at home or at work.

One vitamin that may help is vitamin E. Vitamin E stimulates blood circulation and makes the nutrient available to hair follicles that may lead to rejuvenation in the follicles. Vitamin E is available in most green leafy vegetables. The problem is that most people so not get enough greens in their daily diet.

Most people are looking for a secret cure for their hair loss but the truth is that their diet is what is leading to their hair loss. People don’t realize that the things that are good for your body normally in your diet are also good for your hair.

Another important dietary need are essential fatty acids, found in foods like walnuts, canola oil, fish, and soy.

In conclusion, you need to have a better diet in order to help your hair loss situation. Only then should you start taking hair loss vitamins.

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