Hair Loss Shampoo – Can You Stop Hair Loss With Shampoo?

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Some amount of hair loss is inevitable, but how much is too much? As the body ages, it has a tendency to become less youthful with loss of muscle mass, vision acuity, bone density and yes, hair loss. You may not be able to recover all of these losses, but there are ways to stop or lessen their progress. Some can even be reversed with hair loss being one of those.

You may have met or known people who have regrown their hair. Some may have done this by using natural techniques. This is a slow but extremely effective method. It usually consist of a combination of a healthy diet, stress reduction, supplementation and using gentle natural products to clean the hair and scalp.

By using harsh chemicals and shampoo on the hair, you will promote baldness. It is better to use natural products that are gentle and nourishing to the hair and scalp. There has been evidence that by using the correct shampoo, you can not only stop hair loss, but you can also help it to regrow. Some of these types of shampoos contain rivers and natural compounds that have been used for centuries.

Let's be honest. Most people do not dream of one day becoming bald and looking like Mister Clean. Having a full head of hair can make you look 10 – 20 years younger. Even though there is a trend to shave your head if you have hair loss, I think it is safe to say most men and women would choose to have a full head of hair rather than being bald.

So what should you look for when choosing a shampoo to reverse your hair loss? First and foremost, try to find shampoos that contain natural and organic ingredients. The least amount of chemicals you find in the ingredients list, the better. Some of the better ingredients to look for are lavender, chamomile, horsetail, rosemary, jojoba, aloe vera, wheat, soy and panthenol, a B vitamin made from rice husks.

Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which can help to clean the pores of the scalp. It will dissolve built up sebum, oil produced by the scalp, and other oils that can clog the hair follicles. This clogging action can choke off the needed oxygen and keep it from getting to the root. Jojoba can assist in alleviating oil build up as well. Chamomile helps to strengthen the hair and makes it look healthy and shiny. Lavender soothes and calms the scalp while rosemary rejuvenates and stimulates the hair follicles.

Will just shampoo bring your hair back to life and cover your bald head? No … but there are other natural substances and methods you can use to regrow your hair.

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