Hair Loss Review – Try One of These Products to Restore Your Lost Hair

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Is your hair shedding? Are you looking for a natural hair restoration? Then this short article may be what you are looking for. Did you read the hair loss review where there are many hair loss prevention products available on the market today if you need a treatment for loss hair.

In this short article I will cover a few of the better know products to restore your hair, that actually work, these products are all backed with a money back guarantee, the companies have great customer support and they care about you as a client. They are backed by real science and they all have a long history of doing business weather on the Internet or off.

# 1 Provillus- The Company was founded in 2002 and is a trusted name in Health and Beauty. Provillus is effective in men with Male Pattern Baldness and has a product made for women as well. One of the ingredients is called Minoxidil 5% it is the only FDA approved topical ingredient clinically shown to help re-grow your own natural hair. It is a blood vessel dilator and has anti-androgen properties associated with DHT. Provillus is designed to help with FPB. It contains the only ingredient approved by the FDA to help with hair re-growth for women using a 2% solution.

# 2 Nism Bio Factors-The only non-prescription all-natural product to undergo scalp biopsy studies, 85.7% of tested subjects experienced an increase in hair count of 30% or more. Nism contains a Proprietary formula developed from over 20 years of research on the study of hair growth. Nism Stopped hair loss within 1 week and re-growth in as little as 4 months. A rock solid 6 Month Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

# 3 Profollica- This Product comes in a three-stage process; first a Shampoo, The shampoo produces cleansing foam for effective and gentle emulsifying. Daily use is recommended. The shampoo reduces hair and scalp dryness and helps to restore bounce and texture. Also an activator Gel, The activator gel stimulates new hair growth in both men and women. It gets hair back into the growing phase (Anagen). It also works to revitalize the hair follicles. Just massage the lotion into the hair and leave in for conditioning effects. And lastly a nutritional supplement, the pills provide vital nutrients that are essential to properly nourish the hair. It contains over two dozen vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are critical to the health of human hair follicles.

There is 1 other treatment for loss hair that is worth mentioning in this article, however it does require a prescription that you must get from your doctor. Propecia It's ingredients are the only FDA accepted drug available to handle hair loss. There is one side note I must add to this product, some men have complained about this drug causing Erectile Dysfunction and women can not tolerate it.

If you are losing your hair and all looks lost, there is help but you must do your research find out why you are losing your hair. After you get more understanding then you can put together a treatment program to help to reestablish your lost hair.

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