Hair Loss – Alopecia – Pregnancy

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During the normal course of our daily life we ​​all lose hair every day, this is a normal cycle. But when we are afflicted with excess hair loss it can be emotionally impacting.

Over 62 million people in the US deal with abnormal hair loss, typically called (alopecia). As a professional stylist and educator I am usually the first to notice and diagnose the problem. The medical community does not seem to recognize hair loss as a medical condition, but the stress and fear felt by those who suffer is very real.

Pregnancy all too often a culprit in "postpartum alopecia" is usually caused by hormonal fluctuations and can vary from minimal hair loss to large patches of hair falling out up to 9 months after delivery. Some women experience little or no change, it varies by individual. The good news is, I have found and used numerous solutions to get my clients through these tough times.

Hair loss is particularly devastating to women, they want to hide it from everyone, and let's face it we all want and need to feel good about ourselves.
I specifically recall a client who suffered such devastating hair loss with each of her three (yes, three) pregnancies, she was a lovely, upbeat women, but as soon as she delivered her babies the trauma would begin.

As a professional and a mom myself I felt her pain, I immediately compiled a fix-it plan for her hair. First I recommended a combination of hair extensions that I strategically placed throughout her scalp with a variety variety of tones to look naturally hilted. Then I selected a group of "clip-on" extensions that could throw in at home anytime. These work great! They are available in all lengths, colors and even pre-curled or set. With these tools a great base hair color and regular visits her hair completely recovered each time. The right professional products also have a great deal of effect on a quick recovery for hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by a number of reasons, another client went through chemo while she was pregnant, and needless to say she suffered severe hair loss. This is a common situation I have encountered and have had great success helping my clients look good and feel better. Along with fabulous extensions of many types, colors, textures, and brands there are beautiful wigs in a ton of gorgeous styles available to everyone. Do not be afraid to ask your professional salon for recommendations, you deserve to look great and there are a number of solutions out there and remember hair loss after pregnancy is usually temporary.

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