Early Hair Loss

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Hair loss is only permanent if the living part of the hair, the root, is damaged. Extreme hair loss is a widespread problem among the middle aged American men, specifically among the men. Early hair loss is not caused by clogged pores, poor circulation, or lack of oxygen as some scam hair loss treatment products claim.

Women on the pill who suffer hair thinning often have an hereditary tendency to hair loss. This condition can be particularly devastating to women. Women have a larger psychological investment in their appearance than men do.

Treatment of this type of hair loss includes immune modulating therapies, topical immune therapy or biologic-response modifiers such as Minoxidil. In America people spend 1 billion dollars per year on hair related treatments.

Causes of Male pattern baldness is related to hormones. Causes in women may be attributed to three factors: aging, hormones, and genetics. Other possible causes of hair loss include an autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation of the hair root), cancer chemotherapy, burns or injuries, nervous habits such as continual hair pulling or scalp rubbing, ringworm of the scalp and rough handling. The causes are many and varied but one thing is for sure and that is untold millions of people of all sexes and ages are affected by it worldwide.

However, when this cycle is abnormal and hair is no longer falling out in a natural, random pattern, you may develop a temporary or ongoing disease state.

Some causes include:Heredity – the effects of testosterone, the male sex Hormonal changes – such as thyroid disease, childbirth or use of the birth control pill an autoimmune disorder Medications – such as cancer chemotherapy or corticosteroids Nervous habits – such as continual hair pulling or scalp rubbing Rough handling – brushing too vigorously, tight rolling of hair curlers, over bleaching or the use of harsh dyes and chemical Burns or injuries (ringworm of the scalp).

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