Diet to Prevent Acne

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Treatment For Diet to Prevent Acne

Acne is considered as adolescence skin disorder but the fact is that people has to suffer with it in their adulthood, and in some cases it lasts in sufferers thirties and forties.  Acne does not appear only on the face it can appear on other parts of body as well. If acne is not properly treated it may leave scars.

According to many researches, food and diet may affect acne condition in many patients. There are many cases in which patients try every treatment from over the counter products to antibiotics, but they do not get a satisfactory result. Even home remedies do not give positive results. In fact some medicines aggravates skin condition. For all these sufferers, it is a good news that there is some relation between acne and food. Some foods cause more acne breakouts and as acne is inflammatory condition, some foods cause more inflammation.

Most of the acids are used to treat acne by peeling scars tissues. These peeling methods, cause redness and discomfort and it take almost a week to heal completely. To minimize the acne scars, collagen injections are used. A protein, collagen, is a natural component of human tissue. Most of the scars are caused by loss of tissues of the affected area. Collagen is injected underneath the scars which raises the level of surrounding skin and restore normal appearance. But this treatment is needed to repeat many times as collagen gradually breaks down over time.

New treatment which is available nowadays are cultured autologous fibroblasts which are living cells that dermatologist inject under the skin. These cells are taken from other parts of the patient’s body to grow in a laboratory culture until there are enough of them to do the procedure. When these cells are injected, they build up under the scars and raised to the surface. In every two weeks, total of three cells are injected in each area. It benefits many patients for long term.

Foods that worsen the condition:

Excess amount of sugar, fruit juices, sweets, processed flour, baked goods, and trans or hydrogenated fats should be avoided. Regularly taking breads, cake and chips raise chances of acne. Excess of brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, and other nuts are not good for your skin. Researchers show that peanut and peanut butter may worsen your skin condition. Excess amount of milk products like ice cream and cheese should be avoided. Studies show the relation between milk consumption and acne even a skimmed milk as it contains high amounts of hormones produced in the milk of cow. Excess amount of vitamin E supplements may cause more break outs. But the reason is still unknown. In some cases excess of vitamin B may aggravate acne.

Foods that are good for skin:

Some foods cause improvement in acne conditions. Fish like halibut, salmon, tuna, sardines are good for your skin and you will notice positive improvement in your skin health. Increase intake of different organic vegetables. The combination of fish and vegetables can be a best meal for your overall health. Take at least 8 glasses of water, as it will keep you away from bowel disease and acne.

Acne getaway 101E and acne:

It has a wonderful ability to treat the oil-producing glands. It decreases the production of excess oil. It does not only treat the problem but it also treats the causes of acne. The best thing about this treatment is that it has no side effects and absolutely safe. In just few days you will notice a wonderful improvement in your skin condition.

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