Chemotherapy – A Cancer Treatment

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Chemotherapy is the general term in which many different chemical agents are used to kill or stop the growth of cancer cells and even kills cancer cells; those are in existence since a long way from the original cancer. This treatment helps to break off the process of multiplication of cells.

Injection run drugs, in a pill form or even applied on skin. Dose or duration of chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer you have, your current state of health, your medical history, area of ​​cancer etc. Sometimes different drug combinations are also used for better result. Doctor keeps trying constantly with new combinations to improve treatment.

It is true that chemotherapy gives best and effective result but sometimes it may cause side effects, which may be temporary or permanent. Chemotherapy treatment causes to depress the immune system and patients may release to opportunistic as well.

Most people identified with cancer are treated with chemotherapy treatment because of the effective results. Chemotherapy helps cancer patient to live and enjoy day to day life. Drugs used for the chemotherapy treatment plays different roles, some are planned to fight cancer cells while some planned to support the cancer fighting drugs.

Most of cancer drugs are planned to kill fast growing cancer cells but these drugs can not distinguish fast growing cancer cells and other fast growing cells like blood and hair cells. However it is very effective and best choice for cancer treatment, even if it is causing some side effects. There are different medicines used for chemotherapy and the total cost of medicines depends on medication type prescribed for you.

Chemotherapy may cause various side effects like hair loss, memory loss, weight loss, bowel lining that leads to nausea and hormones to healthy cells in body. However there are some drugs that help to control these side effects.

Chemotherapy patients find harder to fight the cancer cells. There is regular blood test that monitors the levels of different cells and is called as blood count. Chemotherapy affect on the energy of patient and fertility of both men and women.

Before going through chemotherapy, you must prepare yourself for chemotherapy treatment to get better result. Think that the chemotherapy is battle field for you and you have to go there with preparation that will help you to be healthy.

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