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How to Reverse Balding – Start Changing Your Shampoo

What shampoo ingredients damage your hair?

One of the biggest causes of premature balding is in the shampoo you use. This is due in part to surfactants. what are they?

Surfactants are used to remove dirt and they are used in both soap and shampoo. Everyone knows you should not use soap to wash your hair. So why are the same ingredients used in shampoo. Actually they are not, or at least they are not supposed to be. Different types of, or levels of surfactants are used in different makes of shampoo.The main purpose of this is to clean your hair without damaging it, or your scalp. The major problem is that some types of shampoo do exactly that,damage your hair.

The ingredients are the problem and to reverse balding you will need to change what you are using.

What should you avoid in shampoo to reverse balding

A shampoo with a high level of surfactants should be avoided.If you find your shampoo is burning your eyes then it will need to be changed. if your eyes burn when using a shampoo this is a good indicator that the type of surfactant is not the type you want on your head. Any shampoo with a PH generally over 7 or below 5 should not be used on your head.

What is this sodium sulfate I keep hearing about and Does shampoo really contain it

Yes most do contain this. There are two types though and the type used in most makes of shampoo is in such low levels to present no threat or harm at all. It has been shown to cause dermatitis, but only in high concentrations and it is this which causes your eyes to burn when washing your hair. A high level of this is bad for your hair and your scalp.

What can I do right now to reverse balding?

Start by using a shampoo with low ph between 5 and 7 and that nourishes your hair. A good additive to shampoo is something called Saw palmetto which can block the progression of hair loss. there are other supplements you can find that can help you as well.

Which shampoo should I use?

I cannot recommend any make or brand of shampoo. what you should look for though is this. A shampoo with:

Minimal skin and eye irritation.

A good pH level between 5 and 7.

With good additives or supplements like saw palmetto.

If you follow these instructions you will go a long way to reverse balding and stopping any further hair loss.

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