Revolution Healthy – You are not the only pregnant woman who suffers from that symptom which caused mostly by hormonal activity during the pregnancy and causes some problems with digestion. I want to give you 3 proven steps to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy and finally start enjoying it!

There are several things which can be hazardous for the expectant mother and which she should avoid during her pregnancy. Smoking There is no doubt that smoking can harm the unborn baby. Tests have shown that when the child of a cigarette smoker is born, he will have cyanide compound

  Woman Healthy – It is recommended you should be taking a 400mcg folic acid supplement per day, ideally before you conceive, or as soon as you find out you are pregnant, and right through the 1st trimester, or until week 12. Folic acid is important because it reduces the

You know that you should avoid villains like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and artificial sweeteners, but to avoid herbs just doesn’t seem natural. Remember, herbs are a drug and, as with any medicine, should be used with extreme caution during this time. While herbal remedies are considered natural alternatives to conventional