Dealing your Emotions After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis When you are given the dreadful news that you have breast cancer, the first issues you usually deal with are the practical ones. Do I need surgery? Will I have to undergo chemo or radiotherapy? These are the matters which are deal

Breast Cancer Information Women of any ages are at the risk of developing breast cancer at any stage in there life but the risk increases the older you get. Other factors of developing the disease play a part too such as a significant family history of the disease, although this

Many people these days get cancer and one of the most used treatments is chemotherapy. I will use breast cancer treatment as an example in this article. What is chemotherapy? It is the use of certain anti-cancer drugs which destroy the cancerous cells in the body. The aim is to

The Causes of Breast Cancer Each year in the United States almost 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. While there is an abundance of information on Western biomedical treatments, treatments for the prevention of breast cancer are relatively unknown. While many women have a genetic predisposition to this

Alternative medicine is the use of means, in addition to, or instead of conventional, to treat disease or pain. There is lots of controversial surrounding alternative medicine, especially in the cancer arena, because most of it is unproven, as far as the medical world is concerned. To be proven, a

Battling Cancer is a tough time in anyone's life. Perhaps the toughest. That's why we've decided to write this article on how to care for yourself during radiation for Breast Cancer. It is important to properly care for yourself during radiation for breast cancer. Keep in mind that after radiation

Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of death by cancer among women. Most women realize the importance of knowing about this type of cancer, finding out early if they have it, or if they are at risk of contracting it in the future. Knowing all

Breast Cancer Treatment by Coping With A Mastectomy Breast Cancer Treatment – As women, especially American women, much of our femininity is centered on our breasts. No matter where you look, there are pictures, billboards, commercials, television shows, and movies with women with these beautiful breasts and ample cleavage. The

Breast cancer can be treated with a mastectomy or breast preservation surgery, lumpectomy, followed by radiation and sometimes chemotherapy. These are the best ways to prevent recurrence of cancer. The most common place for cancer to come back is in the same area where it was found the first time.

Celebrity Cancer Treatment Where do celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Marianne Faithfull and others go for cancer treatment? Off to France. France has some of the best cancer treatment in the world. Britain is getting better, but once hospital treatment finishes – that's it. "Take these pills every day for the