Breasts Cancer Threaten Smoker Adolescent

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The woman who during the adolescent it was known became the cigarettes pump in the next day will experience the high risk of being affected by breast cancer. According to Dr Janet E Olson from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester Minnesota (the USA) said that the risk of breast cancer was begun during the female adolescent break to smoke or not.
The research that was carried out by Dr Olson also shows that the women who began smoked before experiencing first pregnancy will have the affected risk of breastfeeding cancer after the menopause period. Now for the woman who headed the habit smoked after giving birth to the first child did not have treated was affected by breast cancer when compared with them that had not smoked.

Results of our research showing that breasts cancer could be preceded during the woman entering the period Adolescent, clear Dr Janet E Olson. Dr Olson also make a note that the target to deal with the occurrence of breastfeeding cancer to the woman could have been during the still the adolescent. The research also yielded results that were consistent with the research before hand that stated delayed pregnancy will increase the affected risk of breastfeeding cancer. The main reason for this consistency was very close his connection with the development of breastfeeding for pregnancy and the change where usually the woman gives the Mother's Milk (HEED) to their baby. "If the woman postponed pregnancy then the risk will be increasingly big and could be more damaging if being combined with the habit smoke all of them," firm Dr Olson. "

The research beforehand stated that the refractivity smoked will make a woman have the affected risk of breastfeeding cancer after the period post menopausal. Although to this one still was debated because of the other research mentioned did not have his relations between smoked and the risk of breastfeeding cancer. Dr Olson and the team carried out investigation on the data from the Iowa Women aostr's Health Study with the range of the woman aged 55 till 69 years during 1986 and afterwards were followed to 1999. On the whole 37.105 women it was identified were risky breasts cancer including 7.095 women who began smoked before they experienced first pregnancy.At the same time 4.186 among them smoked after first pregnancy. The total from 2.017 women it was known was affected by breast cancer in the study period was carried out. A woman who headed the activity smoked before giving birth first will be risky 21 percent were affected by breast cancer when compared with the woman that had not smoked.
Results of the research of Dr Olson were published through the journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Dr Olson wave the emphasis that results of their research did not give the understanding that the women who began smoked after giving birth first will enter the healthy category. Because according to Dr Olson, smoked could cause many problems in the health and better be avoided.

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