Biotin Shampoo Myth

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Biotin shampoo doesn’t work to regrow hair.

I’d like to clear something up about biotin shampoos and conditioners for hair loss problems and I intend to go over it quick and easy for you.

Now, hair loss is one of the most feared problems that we face today. So many men and women suffer from this problem that it’s turned into a great big market all over the world. With this level of market comes the unavoidable snake oil trader that will push nearly anything that sounds even remotely like a workable solution to your hair loss problems.

Biotin Shampoo Claims

You could locate stacks of write-ups, lots of products, lots of “research” claiming that all you’ll require to slow down hair loss – or reverse it – is to use shampoos with biotin in the ingredients. If only that wasn’t misleading.

There are claims that biotin shampoos will soak biotin right into your hair follicles and right into your hair… To date, this has not been proved to be true and is actually known to be FALSE.

Choices other than Biotin Shampoos

Eat more healthy foods! Chow down on more vegetables and lean meats with tons of vitamins already packed in them. Chow down on more fruits that are high in biotin as well as the whole vitamin b-complex family of vitamins. There are plenty of foods out there that you could pick up right at your local store that will be loaded with all the vitamins your family will need.

In fact, if you’re suffering from hair loss, it is definitely worth assessing your diet routine as a starting place on your path to healthier hair. Many people have improved their hair health by focusing in on wholesome foods containing a lot of biotin, instead of running out and buying the most high dollar biotin shampoo they can get their hands on.

And In Conclusion

It’s been proclaimed before and it will be proclaimed again and again: eat your vitamins! And in particular, eat your biotin. If you think that it is too much of a challenge to pack the proper foods into your diet plan, vitamin supplements are a healthy alternative that you should certainly consider and, thankfully, are usually easily available.

Foods like nuts, lean meats and leafy greens all have tons of biotin in them and you should be able to track them all down in the healthy aisles of you local shop.

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