Best Baldness Cures and Tips

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With so many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies claiming their product is the best baldness cure on the market, it's easy to be misled and confused. But the truth is, the key to fighting baldness is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. If you're losing hair already, you can do the next best thing and that's to make sure the condition does not get worse.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

One surefire way to combat the effects of baldness is to live a healthy lifestyle and eat the right kinds of food. What this means is you should consume food that is rich in calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin B, all of which help you develop thick, healthy hair. In addition, you should drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated.

Caring and Trimming Your Hair

Another way to fight off baldness is to keep your hair clean, so use only high quality, mild shampoo. When you wash your hair, focus on the roots and scalp, and when you apply conditioner, focus on the ends of your hair as they are more susceptible to damage.

Anyone who's trying to learn how to prevent hair loss will also want to trim their hair. While trimming looks counterproductive if you're trying to prevent baldness, it's actually a good way to get rid of split ends and it also stimulates hair follicles to grow.

Avoid Unhealthy Hair Practices

There are actually several things you can do to prevent baldness, and many of them have to do with healthy hair practices. For instance, do not use hairstyles that will pull your hair tightly such as pony tails and braids. According to researchers, this is one of the reasons for thinning hair.

If you have been using this kind of hairstyle, you should stop immediately before your hair stops growing in the section where it was hardest rolled. Furthermore, you should also minimize your use of chemical treatments that straighten or curl the hair.

They are not bad per se, but relying on these treatments often will affect the make up of your hair and cause it to thin out. You can expect the same thing if you blow dry your hair too often as it does not just dry your hair but also the scalp. Even worse, blow dryers can damage hair follicles, so if you're going to use a blower, apply the lowest heat setting.

Finally, the habit of pulling your hair out of frustration can lead to baldness too. While it might seem like a trivial matter, there are cases where people became bald or had bald spots on their head because of it.

The tips and methods we've provided above are effective, but if you want a quicker solution to baldness, you are advised to check out Minoxidil. This product is one of the most popular and clinically proven hair growth and baldness treatments available on the market today. Minoxidil 5% solution will enable men to grow back their hair much more quickly than healthy habits alone. Once the medication has been applied to the bald area, its special formula will kick in and immediately start the hair regrowth process.

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