Baldness And How To Stop It

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Baldness is a huge problem for so many people. Is it any wonder that there are so many baldness treatment products available on the market today. Everyone is looking for a guaranteed cure to either arrest the problem or try to re-grow their hair.

Male pattern and female pattern baldness are two of the most common types of baldness known to us. This male pattern type is the most prevalent and affects a large proportion of men. Whilst women also suffer with this type of baldness, their numbers are not quite as high as those in the male population.

There are so many different solutions that are available for use to try to help stop hair loss. So let's take a look at both natural solutions to this problem as well as medicated treatments.


The majority of sufferers prefer to try natural therapies before seeing a doctor. Natural therapy has certainly been known to assist people with arrest the problem. Listed below are some of the most common ingredients that when, used naturally, help to stop baldness:

o Vitamins A, E, and C: These vitamins are great supplements for helping both your hair and nails become stronger and healthier. They are readily available at all health food stores;

o Scalp massages are commonly used to stimulate the blood flow and thus increase circulation to the hair roots;

o Aromatherapy is another terrific natural treatment for this condition. Many sufferers use essential oils to accompany their scalp massages. The most advised essential oils to use are lavender, rosemary, and cedarwood;

o Various herbs are also proven to be conducive to healing and strengthening the hair and its roots.

In addition to the above list how we live our everyday lives can also make a difference to this problem. It is vitally important to note that our often hectic lifestyles play a critical role in hair loss. Have you been experiencing great stress from work or home laTely? Has it been going on for a prolonged period of time while you attempt to juggle a manic career and a family life at home? This is probably a rhetorical question, as at times our often crazy schedules seem to be governed by that infamous killer … stress. Do you eat healthy or do you consume a lot of junk food? Think about the overall picture of your health, not just your hair. Our general appearance, especially hair loss is often a reflection of either our general internal well-being or possible ill health.

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