Anti-Hair Loss & Anti-Hair Fall Shampoos – Are They Effective?

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Are you having a hair loss problem and searching for a solution to stop this condition? Does using an anti-hair fall shampoo help to prevent falling hair and prevent you from going bald?

Most people might have the perception that the more lather the shampoo has, the better it cleans your scalp. This perception unfortunately is not true! The surfactant that produces the lather does not have any cleansing properties. It may actually worsen the condition for someone who is already experiencing the balding syndrome.  If you find your hair thinning, you should stop using shampoos that have lots of lather. It does not help and might even aggravate your condition.

Anti-hair fall shampoos are perhaps the cheapest option. It is also within the budget for most people in the market. It might be considered as one of the safest since it is used externally. Having said this, careful selection of the right shampoo may help to recover the condition. If your condition is mild, using an anti-hair loss shampoo may help reduce the numbers of follicles falling and stop the condition. However if your condition is a severe one, you may want to seek alternative treatments.

Herbal shampoos make use of natural herbs and ingredients and typically can be considered safe. One of the ingredients commonly used is Saw Palmetto or Nettle. These are ingredients that help to stop the condition and also to promote growth. Nettle for example, is a hair tonic used by natives many centuries back. Saw Palmetto, on the other hand, has properties against conversion of the male hormones to DHT which retard the normal growth.

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