Acne Tips – How Swimming Can Reduce Breakouts

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Like most people, I tend to go swimming much more during the summer months than during the long and cold winters. However, I have also become aware of the fact that my typically annoying and vigilante acne breakouts have become much easier to control during this time! Because of how much easier it is for my skin to stay clear and glowing while I am swimming so much, I've decided to do some research to find out what is the exact connection between swimming and acne.

Here are the reasons I have found that prove that swimming can do wonders for your complexion:

  • The chlorine and other chemicals in the water act as antibacterial agents, killing all the bad, acne-causing bacteria on your skin while simultaneously drying out excess oils.

    –If you are swimming in a salt-water pool or the ocean, the salt will also act as a very powerful anti-bacterial, even more so than the chemicals in a chlorine pool! Salt is one of the best agents to prevent infection, and acne is just a minor infections and inflammation of the skin. The salt you are swimming in will help heal that infection and prevent future breakouts!

    –Soaking up extra sun rays will also help you maintain clear skin. Like chlorine and salt, the sun does its job in helping to remove oils from the skin that should not be there. However, make sure not to get so much sun that you get burnt! But a healthy amount of sunlight will provide you with vitamin D and other vital nutrients that make it possible to achieve a clear, glowing complexion!

    –Swimming is one of the best physical activities for healthy skin. This is because breathing becomes deeper and more useful, meaning more oxygen is derived from each breath than during normal activity. More oxygen in your bloodstream means faster reduction of acne-causing bacteria from the surface of the skin and a speedy healing process for current breakouts and new healthy skin cells!

So should you be hanging on chlorine to help clear your acne? Sure, if you like swimming! There is definitely a connection between chlorine and acne! I love swimming, so for me its just and added benefit that helps to dry out my skin with less effort on my part.

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