Acne Scars – New Developments For Reducing the Impact

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An acne scar in the past was an almost unavoidable result of an acne lesion. The person suffering from acne is repeatedly warned in the literature and by well-meaning family and friends to keep their hands off the blackheads or whiteheads. In particular, the individual is cautioned to never squeeze a zit or blackhead, since that can drive the bacteria causing the swelling and pain under the surface of the skin. The larger the skin eruption and the more effort that is made to squeeze the residue from the follicle, the more likely you are to see permanent scarring at the site.

Understanding the Cause

Understanding the cause of acne can help to prevent the formation of an acne scar in many types. There are many different types of acne that have been identified. Some have identified cures or have responded well to active treatment. Other types of acne have no cure, but the symptoms can be managed or controlled. The knowledge of what type of acne is involved is key to determining how to alleviate the symptoms without over medicating. For extensive scarring due to most types of acne, the assistance of a cosmetic surgeon may be required. Modern techniques have made treatment possible and successful in most cases.

Early Treatment

To avoid the formation of acne scar tissue, early treatment is a key factor. Do not wait around for your adolescent to outgrow the symptoms. While home remedies or natural remedies can be quite effective, it is important to visit a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Usually mild or sporadic outbreaks can be treated with topical antibiotics, while more significant outbreaks may require more radical oral treatment or other type of remedies. By treating early, the symptoms may be addressed in time to prevent escalation of the condition.

Professional Assistance

Professional assistance to treat a recent or old acne scar is critical. There are many reasons why treatment should be taken for removal of scars from the skin due to acne lesions. For those people who have carers where appearance is critical to success, a scar detracts from the chances of success in the chosen field. Getting rid of the blemish is often a reliably simple procedure with new techniques making it possible to quickly and easily correct the problem. Other people who benefit from professional assistance to remove the scars include those individuals with low self esteem.

Self Esteem

Self esteem, particularly in those adolescents suffering from acne can be significantly reduced by even one acne scar on the face. Accordingly, the treatment of scars can be an important part of the total treatment for the symptoms of acne. It is perhaps more important that scars can be injected in many cases through prompt and proactive treatment. By treating the symptoms to prevent the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and lesions, and by reducing the severity and frequency of the outbreaks, many opportunities for negative blemishes will be eliminated. Combining various treatments including psychological counseling if needed will help to restore a positive self image.

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