Acne Prevention – Clearing and Avoiding Acne

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What Causes Acne?

A number of factors cause acne breakouts. Hygiene, genetics, hormones, and other factors can all be contributors to your problem. During puberty acne can be unavoidable and very frustrating to deal with; This is because of hormone changes in the body. The changing body may produce too much sebum, an oily secret intended to moisten and protect the skin, which may fill up pores on your skin, appealing bacteria. Also, extreme levels of stress may trigger a breakout in a person that already has acne.

The food that you eat does not cause acne. So there is no need to be hesitant to snack on your chips, eat pizza, and drink soda because of an old, disproven myth.

What can I do to prevent acne?

Wash your face twice a day gently with a product designed for acne treatment. Washing your face once in the morning and once in the evening is an effective way to remove dead skin cells which would plug the pores on your skin. Never scrub your skin rough, you may damage your skin, you will also be spreading the bacteria around. Proper skin care can remove much of the substance and bacteria that causes acne and prevent or at least reduce breakouts. If you sweat during exercise, it is beneficial to wash your face immediately after, or as soon as possible. This is because bacteria are highly attributed to sweat. Washing your hair can also be helpful. Oily hair is likely to transfer some of that oil onto your face.

Avoid touching your face. Your hands can get dirty through the day, so it is a good idea to wash them often. Avoiding contact with your face can prevent you from transferring the dirt from your hands to your face, which could cause further pimples.

I already have acne, how do I get rid of it?

There are many medications available in the market, benzoyl peroxide being the most popular. These medications can have a different effect on each person, so it is all up to which medication works for you. It takes some experimentation but it will not take too long to find an effective treatment.

If you have pimples, you might be tempted to scratch, pick, or pop them. This only makes the situation worse. If you squeeze on the pimple, you are encouraging it into going deeper into the skin layers and will swell the pore leaving it open to further infection.

Using treatments too often cause cause irritated or dry skin. If this happens to you stop using the treatment until your body produces natural oils again. Irritated and dry skin makes your face more vulnerable. Try not to overuse treatments.

Acne is unsuitable to deal with and can be very difficult to avoid. By applying these prevention tips you can reduce your acne breakouts and even prevent new ones from occurring.

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