8 Tips to Prevent Acne

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When the first spot of acne breaks out, the first thing that you do is get distracted. However, today there are lots of medications available to cure the problem completely. After undergoing treatment successfully, it is necessary to take steps to prevent acne from reoccurring. Here is a look at the steps that you can take to prevent acne from occurring:

  1. Wash your face regularly. Dirt that clogs the pores of the skin mixes with skin oil to create acne. Use a face wash that is relevant for your skin type regularly, as this keeps your skin fresh.

  2. Do not squeeze any pimple as this can spread the infection and make the problem worse. This is one of the most important tips to prevent acne.

  3. Do not sleep with your makeup on. Makeup is made up of chemical ingredients that are harmful on skin texture and can cause breakouts.

  4. Regularly change your pillow case since they can absorb oil and dirt which can rub on your skin surface and cause breakouts

  5. Check out diet and include foods that are fresh and rich in minerals and vitamins. Avoid processed foods, foods that are high in fat content or which have carbohydrates as this increases your tendency to get acne.

  6. Stress is yet another cause for acne. If you are depressed or mentally down, your hormones will fluctuate and cause acne breakouts.

  7. Ingredients present in shampoo can cause acne breakouts. Check the ingredients before you buy the product.

  8. If you have long hair and it constantly touches your face, dirt from your hair can clog skin pores can cause acne to break out after sweating

Follow the above steps to effectively prevent acne breakouts. You can also prevent acne breakouts by avoiding hot and humid weather conditions as it can cause your skin to clog with dirt and oil. It is better to stay in air-conditioned environment to keep skin fresh.

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